Monday, July 7, 2008

New ideas

Below is a personal illustration involving skating, a new idea for a logo and cool simple background textures that were under my nose the whole time.

A four-step illustration process

Step 1: Take a picture or borrow one accidentally on purpose, convert it to greyscale and lighten it by 60%.

Step 2: Print it out and trace over it quickly with a black felt tip pen and scan it in.
Step 3: Open both the scan and the original image in photoshop. Copy and paste on over the other, line up and multiply the top layer. Yeah, grittier and grundgier the better!Step 4: Learn how to use Illustrator.

Bio-fuel and its flaws

Reckless self lovin'

A cover about new narcissists. The top one went to print, the one below didn't.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Not another milk tart

Yes, another cover for Sunday Times. The cover story was all about South Africa's film industry relying on tried and tested formulas, namely satirical comedies, to rake in the bucks. I got sick from eating milk tarts towards the end.

The Macbeth cover

This cover appeared on the 30th March. The three actresses featured on the cover play the part of the witches in a modern day adaptation of Macbeth.